Drive digital transformation with our IIoT 4.0 platform PlantBizConnect®

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We are building a portfolio of digital solutions that connect, monitor and optimise the industrial plants. Our customised platform PlantBizConnect® is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform where IT/OT Automation converges. Designed for the process industry, it can be leveraged by plant heads and consulting firms to convert raw data from disparate systems in the factory into actionable insights, bringing forth Predictive Analytics, Process Simulation/Orchestration, Analytical Dashboards, Process Discovery and Process Improvement.

To put it simply, PlantBizConnect® is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform designed for monitoring, analysis and control of industrial devices in the plant. This platform can be used by Engineers/Plant Heads and Consulting Firms.

Engineers/Plant Heads

The app is capable of bringing information to engineers with proper access control. By applying machine learning on this data set, we are able to generate process compliance dashboards and predictive analytics for management teams.

Consulting Firms

Consulting firms, are able to use this Micsrosoft Azure based platform in offering IIoT consulting services while also creating mobile apps for users in the organization to manage the process with the power of data insights.

Deploying PlantBizConnect®

  • PlantBizConnect® Data Acquisition Module (DAM) is installed on each site and is capable of collecting data from equipment in real-time
  • The PlantBizConnect® servers can be located on customer premises or on the cloud
  • The date from each site is sent to the PlantBizConnect® server over the internet
  • PlantBizConnect® server processes the data adds a layer of intelligence and presents it to different users like Support Team, Managers, Top Management etc.
  • Access control is in place so each user sees what is relevant to him or her

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