Measure it to manage it – Deploy Video analytics for smart monitoring

Measure it to manage it – Deploy Video analytics for smart monitoring

Measuring risk is one of the most crucial aspects of mitigating or resolving it. With our Video Analytics systems powered by Artificial Intelligence we measure risks such as Compliance Deviations, Incidents, Safety, Loss Events and Covid-19 Breaches.

Intelligent Monitoring

Our intelligent monitoring applications enable monitoring of those events and situations that may be difficult to capture and classify with sensors because of the sophistication and complexity. Like the safety application it allows the automatic detection of events that may be a confluence of human activity and/or automated operations.

  • Object counting
  • Inventory tracking
  • Product movement
  • Vehicle movement
  • Waste tracking
  • Human posture and ergonomics

Safety, Security and Compliance

Applications enable automatic detection, classification, and contextualization of safety, security, and compliance violations from video feeds. We infuse AI and machine learning algorithms into video processing to derive automated and intelligent detection of events. These events can be human acts or environmental conditions that are classified as violations of safety, security, or compliance.

  • Targeted detection and intelligent classification drastically reducing the time for observations and decisions
  • Edge/ Cloud/ Hybrid infrastructure model for video analytics
  • Easy horizontal and vertical scalability
  • Customizable web-based dashboards for review interaction and analytics
  • Sustainable deployment
  • Sustainable cost

COVID-19 Measures

Our video analytics system makes it simpler for organisations and industries to function more effectively in the new-normal. This ensures that social measures are implemented efficiently to help in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 infection.

  • Handwash Compliance
  • Social distancing
  • Real-time location sensors
  • Contact tracing
  • Quantification of activities and movement