Designing innovations from concept to testing

Designing innovations from concept to testing

When developing a product consisting of hardware and software, you will need a partner you can trust. We stay tuned to the technology curve, to innovate, conceptualize and create the products. Our focus is on ideas that make products user-friendly, energy efficient, eco-friendly and to bring in value-added features which result in the enhanced satisfaction of our customers.

Our focus is to understand your needs from technical, cost and engineering requirements to come up with right product. Our support to customers is through manufacturability oriented Design. We practice Outcome Driven Innovation (ODI) in every phase of the Product development. Along all the areas of hardware product development life cycle like derivation of specifications, proof of concept, design, prototype development, testing, pilot production, compliance testing, reliability testing and manufacturing transfer, we walk hand-holding the customer. On the software development activity, we ensure right planning, define requirements, design & prototyping, software development, testing deployment followed by operation & maintenance support. Single window product design service helps customers to accelerate time to market through turnkey as well as joint product design activity.

Our focused teams are specialized in the design of Electronics, Mechanical and software systems. This cross functional integrated team helps us to come up with reliable, cost-effective and efficient designs. Over the years, our teams have acquired domain expertise in various verticals for hardware design, embedded systems, cloud based platform development, data analytics, mobile application development and customer support system development.

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